⚔️ D&D: A New Adventure in 5e

⚔️ D&D: A New Adventure in 5e

My character sheet is mostly complete!

Caelynna 2.0 may actually map really well to the original 4e character. Sneak Attack is slightly better than it was, in that you can use it without advantage under certain circumstances. We maintain the teleport–misty step–which is an analogue of the original eladrin ability. The urchin background fits the original backstory, and assassin rogue archetype's assassinate provides a similar effect gained from First Strike.

Caelynna loses a stack of diverse abilities, including tumble and the other encounter and daily actions. I think I may have to inspect the rulebook thoroughly before our next meetup so that I have a firm grasp of the mechanics. We haven't yet undertaken our first introductory encounter, but it seems like it may be quite different from what we were playing before.

The party all start at level 5, but lack any equipment barring basic clothing. We managed to create the equivalent of a few improvised quarterstaff and found some edible moss. I've included those on the sheet.

Let's see how it goes next week!