D&D: Caelynna ⚔️

Character background —which is a work in progress— and notes. I did however manage to get the model painted. 😅

D&D: Caelynna ⚔️

My name is Caelynna. I learned to survive on the streets through my adolesence, using slight of hand and speed to gain an advantage and stay alive. I only took what I needed to stay alive.

Having been raised in a convent, I always felt out of place. I learned to calmly meditate and learn whilst the others slept. I visit a strange, almost unreal place, out of phase with the natural plane which I have become accustomed to.

I know little about my origins, and actively seek out answers to the many questions about my roots. Why have I never seen another of my kind, except in my dreams?

I'm new to writing character background, and struggling to avoid immediate clichés if at all possible. Caelynna is a 4e Eladrin Rogue, her alignment is good but her chosen tactic is Brutal Scoundrel. My thoughts here are that whilst she is good, she has struggled in her past and had to do less than savoury things to survive — from a young age. Eladrin are a race who live for hundreds of years, and reside within the feywild.

I'm happy that I managed to complete my character model for today's meetup 😊. I shall refine the background as my character progresses in the game. There is already a rift in the game world which exists between the feywild plane and our own so that could be quite exciting (if we get the opportunity to visit).

What do you think? Answers on a postcard.