Fallout 4

Fallout 4

So I finally convinced myself that buying Fallout 4 was a good idea. So far I'm not regretting it; my meagre 20 hours game time has been a slow-paced but thoroughly enjoyable experience. The game world is beautifully crafted, and incredibly immersive. I'm pretty sure that 19 of those 20 hours have been spent simply exploring the wilderness.

The companion feature makes the post apocalyptic world seem a little less lonely. I'm currently travelling with Piper, however she keeps throwing the occasional Molotov in my direction, which gets slightly annoying. Besides, she seems slightly better at aiming them. I have noticed on a couple of occasions that the companion will suddenly teleport. I guess it is to avoid them getting lost or stuck in the terrain, but it can be unnerving.

I have struggled to get into the base building aspect of the game. I generally enjoy world-building games, but the mechanics around it just don't seem a natural fit. My primary achievement was to build a shanty house with a roof in Sanctuary, adding a couple of turrets, a generator, and some food; it hasn't really gone further than that. I hope to give it a bit more of a chance further into the story.

Conversely, the upgrade system is quite interesting. I'm presently trying to level my character to upgrade the "Blacksmith" and "Science!" perks so that I can upgrade laser weapons, and armour. Getting all the right components for said upgrades hasn't been difficult so far. I have also started to upgrade my original set of power armour, which I rarely use.

I hope to spend a lot more time over the next few months working through the game. Currently I'm hooked!