Genestealers, Kal Jerico and Mad Donna Ulanti!!! 👽😎😜

Lots of new models ready for painting, limited edition hired guns from long ago. A bit of progress was even made on painting the gang 😊

Genestealers, Kal Jerico and Mad Donna Ulanti!!! 👽😎😜

After much anticipation, I have obtained a set of Neophyte Hybrids. My first impression was that the gang is going to look badass within the context of the Necromunda world.

My second thought was the bases look cheap, so I'm going to have to get some Necromunda / Sector Mechanicus bases. The new White Dwarf magazine which includes the Necromunda rules for using them is also firmly in my possession.

🖌️ Painting Update

Having ordered a load of supplies, the paints brushes and other bits have arrived. After doing a lot of research I decided upon Vallejo paints. I ordered a sixteen colour "Game Color" starter set and a set of eight "Model Color" skin tones to allow me to paint up my miniatures.
Goliath painting progress
The colours dry with a satisfying matte finish.

I have started using a wet palette, and the results are mixed. The paint definitely stays moist, but I'm finding that it seems to steadily become thinner as I'm using it. I'm not sure if it's supposed to happen or I'm simply adding a little too much water to the sponge layer. I'll definitely not go back to the plate, but I think a little experimentation is necessary to get it working for me.

I'm finding it to be an incredibly relaxing hobby. I'll post more updates as the painting progresses.

Classic Miniatures

I have now collected the Kal Jerico, Scabbs and Mad Donna Ulanti miniatures from the shop this afternoon. I was surprised to find that they were cast in wonderful white metal! It's going to be fun when I finally get to paint the models. Unfortunately they are lacking official rules in the current version of the game; they will make some cool hangers on — or hired guns.

...and finally

The Van Saar gang was revealed earlier today, and they look fantastic.