Planetary Interaction Continued… 🌎

Continuing adventures with exploration of planetary interaction in EVE Online. A gas planet is set up and I finish my barren planet 🚀

Planetary Interaction Continued… 🌎

When I got started with my PI setup the other day, I didn't quite finish producing the P2 output—the nanites 🤦‍♂️—so I wasn't actually producing anything. So now behold my first attempt at producing nanites in all it's glory;

My first batch of nanites, alongside the materials that I accidentally didn't process 🤣

The extractors are running 5-day extraction programs. They will exceed the capacity of the storage easily within a day due to the processing rate. As this is my first attempt i'm not too disappointed, I'll let it run it's course and reconfigure.

A Gas Planet

I've got a similar issue with my second planet, which has been configured to produce oxides. This one is set up pretty much identically to the first, except I've added to storage units;

At least this one has two storages. They will both exceed capacity within two days.

Future considerations

I think there is a fine balance that can be achieved to gain an optimal throughput of production from planetary installations. I don't know what that is yet. We don't need that many extractors for the resources available. Coupled with Command Center Upgrades V, it might allow dropping one of the storage areas and run two processing plants per raw material.

I could also gain additional capacity by dropping the launchpad. The CC is capable of launching a much smaller volume into space. If we double output then this will likely exceed the capacity of the CC (500m2), so it would need to be managed more frequently — a launchpad can hold 12,000m2.

Another option is to run two command centers; one for each material. It would mean co-operating with others, or using multiple alt characters to string together a complete set of materials but it could be more efficient.

Training Options

I'm training Interplanetary Consolidation IV, which allows another CC to be deployed. Then it's on to Command Center Upgrades V, which is a 4x skill. It might be worth me getting some implants to speed that up a little bit, as it's currently a 20d+ training time for that alone.

Alternately I could begin the process of training up my alt, Science IV is a 1x skill so it's easily trainable. The problem is that the alt can't fly much, never mind a blockade runner.